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Yes, It is quite extreme and I never seen it before as well. But it was
reproducable 3 times. ( two times to the desktop, once to the file manager.
I just upgraded to Ubuntu 23.04 on both the laptop and desktop. It is probably
something on my side though. I initially had problems starting Digikam at all,
so I had to remove the ~/.config/digikamrc and ~/.config/digikam_systemrc
before it even started up.  Before that, digikam hung at the splash screen with
"initiallizing tools" or "loading tools" (not sure about the exact text
Apparently something is off on my system:-( I'll investigate furhter

I am mostly puzzled however by the d&d problem within Digikam. This happens on
both systems and really hampers my normal use of digikam. Do you recognize this
problem? Or is that also only on my side?



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