--- Comment #2 from Knut Hildebrandt <> ---
(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #1)
> Probably a sane idea. Maybe when there are multiple image files, we can  
> apply the current naming restrictions to choose one. But when there's only  
> one image file, we should just use that.

If you apply the restriction in case of multiple image files we might end up
with not showing any too. Particularly directories containing sampler often
have one image per music file, the one of the original disc or record. I've
also seen directories with all artwork like front cover, back cover booklet
etc. and often more than one of these files carries the word cover in its name.
Which to choose? Thus I'd propose to offer a dialogue to choose one of these
files. Another great feature would be a search function for cover art as it is
implemented in other music players. Should I open another issue for this?

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