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I agree with this as well, this one is so important to me.
KDE Plasma is amazing, this is literally one of the only things I can find that
I do not care for, makes it very difficult to use.
I am aware that you can use modifier keys to avoid them but for such a standard
action should not really have to use a keyboard modifier to  perform a simple
drag & drop action like moving a file.

Nothing wrong with having these context menus be the default for those who like
them, but seems odd that KDE, a group known for endless customization /
settings, does not have an option to be able to turn these off / allow users to
choose how drag & drops perform.  I have never seen any other file managers use
this approach with LMB D&D so with something that is far away from a standard,
again seems odd not to be able to have a setting for something like this.
I have however seen in Windows as well as some FM in Linux the use of the RMB
D&D for these context menus which I would prefer.  RMB makes more sense because
a single click brings up context menu so D&D with RMB to bring up these CM
would fit in better here.

I made a more in depth post about how this could possibly be handled here as
well to hopefully get some more users to vote for this.

Do votes really mean anything? How many does an issue have to have in order to
be worked on?
To me personally this is a pretty big deal, hopefully this could finally be

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