--- Comment #4 from David Koppelman <> ---
(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #3)
> Thanks. Out of curiosity, does the discrete GPU also render the logout
> screen? The thing that appears when you click "Shut Down." If so, then I'm
> guessing the shader-based blur effects they both use are triggering the
> behavior.

The discrete GPU remains suspended after selecting both shut-down and
logout. When I select either of these I get a confirmation screen. The
confirmation screen has a black background and no obvious blur
effect. After selecting cancel I check the output a GPU status logger
which had been checking every half second, and it shows that the GPU
remained suspended. (After being used the discrete GPU remains active
for several seconds before suspending, so it's likely I missed

BTW, I have the wobbly windows effect active and composited window
shadows, and neither results in the discrete GPU being activated.

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