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> Elisa does already do this. I guess that means something about it isn't
> working for you. Can you attach a screenshot of the folder contents for the
> album in question that shows the song files and also the cover art file?

You're right, Elisa already does this, just not in the way I was expecting.
Problem is, apparently Elisa does not accept jpg images to use as cover album.
I discovery this when I accidentally put a png inside a folder and Elisa picked
that png as cover... which lead to another problem. Once Elisa picks an image
as cover album you can't change the image? When I removed the wrong png image
and substituted it with another png image that I wanted to use, Elisa did
nothing. The album was stuck with the wrong cover art.
I insisted and restarted Elisa database rescaning everything, but Elisa still
didn't updated the album art for on that folder.
Finally today I got Elisa to change the album art to the one I wanted, that's
why I'm back, but still... I don't understand how Elisa works.

There were another images on that folder, scans related to the CD case.
One of them was the original wrong image that Elisa picked when I made a copy,
converted from jpg to png and renamed it "cover". The name of that image is
"Case Cover Back Inner". Now, I named it to "Case Cover Back Inner 2" and made
a copy of image I wanted to use and renamed it to "Case Cover Back Inner". This
Why? Why didn't Elisa used a image with that name before?
I removed the new "Case Cover Back Inner" image to make use Elisa didn't had
picked the other identical "cover.png" inside the folder, but this made the
album art vanish. I put the new "Case Cover Back Inner" back inside the folder
and the album art came back.

It's not clear what pattern Elisa follows to select the album art that you
manually puts inside the folders. Will Elisa refuse to use imagens simply name
"cover" again if there are other imagens inside the folder? I hope this is a
one off "bug" (is it a bug? No idea).

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