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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this is not what I need. I'm trying to
implement a feature like that one in Konqueror, i.e. to make the window icon
changing to display the current site favicon. However, the change is not
reflected in the KDE taskbar.

I also agree with the topicstarter about the inconvenience when all buttons
have the same app icon. This also makes problem with Skype, because I can't
distinguish the contact list from the chat window. Gimp also makes problem
because it makes a lot of windows with similar icon on the KDE taskbar. So I
can't click the right button on the taskbar in many cases, and have to guess
and search for the desired window.

I understand the reason and the idea of the current design. The icons look much
more professional now. But while they look so, now they do not work so. You
also may think about this buttons like about some abstractions, but people
probably want to switch between real windows in most cases. I use KDE because
this is most professional and flexible DE on Linux. But where does it go now? I
hope it will not be similar to Unity in the future, really :)

So, finally, I want to say, it would be great if the user may choice between
"nice" and "useful" icons somehow. Replacing own window icon with a nice static
vector icon seems like a workaround, but not the real solution to the problems.
This breaks the usual experience.

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