Bug ID: 370558
           Summary: Please allow Unicode input to IPTC tags
           Product: digikam
           Version: 5.2.0
          Platform: MS Windows
                OS: MS Windows
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Metadata-Editor


I work with DigiKam/Showfoto 5.2.0 on a Win7 system.

I wrote some IPTC tags, that contained also both German umlauts and also
chinese characters with Exiftool into a *.jpg image.
I opened this image with ShowFoto and all IPTC-tags were read and displayed
I opened the edit-metadata dialog for this item in digiKam and also all
IPTC-tags were displayed properly.
They were also rewritten properly into the image (as far as I can decide).

I also have seen that in case of writing IPTC into an image the code sign (=
CodedCharacterSet tag) is set to UTF8 (which is necessary for Unicode values).

In GUI of digiKam it is stated that all IPTC-tags allow only ASCII input.
But for me the above test showed that only the input of Unicode characters is
missing in digiKam/ShowFoto.

This is very important (for me) because e.g. all German Umlauts are Unicode

So please allow input of Unicode characters as values of IPTC tags.

Remark: Also XnViewMP and also Daminion support this feature.
Reading IPTC tags they use CodedCharacterSet tag.
Is this tag not given for IPTC tags not stored in UTF8 they support a setting
to enter the encoding.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

Reproducible: Always

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