--- Comment #10 from Anton Kirilov <> ---
I tried the fix both on Aarch32 and Aarch64, and it worked. I just modified
lines 35-36 of the test program to either:

 __asm__ __volatile__("sub r0, sp, #8192\n\tldr %0, [r0, #0]"
                                     : "=r"(res) : : "r0", "memory","cc");

for Aarch32, or:

 __asm__ __volatile__("sub x0, sp, #8192\n\tldr %w0, [x0, #0]"
                                     : "=r"(res) : : "r0", "memory","cc");

for Aarch64.

I also ran a simple test application with ART, and this particular issue
disappeared (although Valgrind complained about other things).

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