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--- Comment #2 from Janek Bevendorff <> ---
Sorry to reopen this, but I'd like to suggest enabling this setting by default.
It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to set breakpoints properly and
another 30 minutes to learn about the "icon border". In 99% of the IDEs out
there it is a common UI pattern to click on the line number gutter to set a
break point which adds a red dot there.

In KDevelop this didn't work. So I looked for a different way and finally found
it in the right click context menu. However, it didn't seem to do anything. The
reason why I though it didn't work at first was that the line highlight is so
subtle that I completely overlooked it (talking about Breeze Dark theme, with
default it's a little better).

Then I thought "why the heck can't I just click the gutter" and wanted to open
a feature request here and finally found this issue after a long thorough
search. Only then I learned about the existence of "icon border" feature or
what it is supposed to do (even if I knew it, I couldn't tell what it does from
the name).

I therefore suggest activating this feature by default. I don't see a reason
why it should be disabled. I would also suggest changing the weird pixel emoji
to a conventional red dot. It's clear what a red dot means (every other IDE
uses red dots) and it stands out more and is less likely to be overlooked. With
the default editor theme, both line highlight and icon are more or less
visible, but with dark themes, they are both really hard to see.

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