--- Comment #8 from Marax Faraii <> ---
>Which Phonon backend?
>Where are those tracks located (local, remote)?
>Since you use Gentoo: did you try the current git master instead? it is about 
>500 commits ahead of >Amarok 2.8.0, and I see no freezes on track change at 
>all, might well be something already solved.

No, I haven't tested the git master. The GUI freeze isn't a deal breaker for me
as I normally do use smaller playlists and it doesn't affect audio when it
freezes. I reported as I thought it might be worth looking into.

The collection is local.

Amarok Diagnostics

General Information:
   Amarok Version: 2.8.90
   KDE Version: 4.14.24
   Qt Version: 4.8.6
   Phonon Version: 4.9.0
   Phonon Backend: GStreamer (4.9.0)
   PulseAudio: Yes

Enabled Scripts:

Enabled Plugins:
   MySQL Collection (1.0)

Enabled Applets:
   Current Track

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