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I was experiencing this problem out of the box with the Ugee UG-2150

Krita has the same bug for me, reproducible with both drivers from and websites. 

Krita 2.9.0 and 2.9.11 both work flawlessly with the following drivers and
Windows 10
Driver V8.1.2016.329
CP V8.0.2015.129
Wintab32 V8.0.2016.329

For owners like myself who are having more general problems with Ugee drivers,
this article was a great help to me with a lot of the wacom issues with WIn10
also being issues here The takeway, after
lots of trial and error with every permutation possible --- DO NOT HAVE
MULTIPLE TABLET DRIVERS INSTALLED! Uninstall all of them, from device manger if
needed, and unplug your tablet then restart. Before plugging in the tablet,
follow the Ugee instructions to install your driver. After the tablet is setup
with the drivers you want to use, check the pen settings inside the driver
control panel and BOTH the Windows 10 Control Panels (so holding the pen isn't
triggering double clicks or right clicks from the Windows Ink drivers. WIth
this done, I haven't had a problem with any of the Windows Ink programs or

I'm using Krita 2.9 and it fucking rocks with this tablet. Great work by the
Krita dev community. Hopefully my lucky stars align and I'll get to use Krita
3.0+ soonish. In the meantime, it would be cool to have a previous versions
link on the main download page for more poverty stricken artists among us. I
knew where to find the older versions by some of the less technical might not.

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