Bug ID: 370897
           Summary: map of Dione also listed under Io after creating map
                    of Io
           Product: marble
           Version: 1.14 (KDE Applications 16.04)
          Platform: unspecified
                OS: MS Windows
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general

I recently found a map of the Jovian moon Io as an online image and after
adjusting it so that its size ratio was 2:1, converted it to a Marble Map using
the "Create A New Map" command.  However, after reclassifying it as a map of Io
instead of Earth (default) and adjusting the DGML file accordingly, I noticed
two issues.  First, Io is listed as the parent object for the other Jovian
moons and as "Io" instead of as "Io (moon)", similar to the way Europa and
Ganymede are listed.  Second, after subsequently downloading a map of the
Saturnian moon Dione and switching the target celestial object back to Io, I
discovered that the Dione map was listed above the Io map I had created from
the image.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. If you have not already done so, download the map of the Saturnian moon
2. Find and download an map of Io as an image (NASA has such an image) and
adjust it if needed so that its size ratio is 2:1.  Save it in an image format
that Marble can convert into a Marble Map.
3. Use the "Create A New Map" command to convert the image of Io's surface into
a Marble Map.
4. Close Marble Maps, create a folder called "Io" in your "maps" folder, and
move the folder for the map of Io you just created into it.
5. Download the appropriate file from the USGS planetary names site, place it
in the Io map's folder, and adjust the DGML file as needed (be sure to change
all instances of "earth" in filepaths to "Io").
6. Re-open Marble Maps, and click the drop down arrow for the celestial object
selection box. You should see Io listed in the scroll menu.  Select it, and
look to see what map(s) are listed.

Actual Results:  
Io is listed as just "Io" on the scroll menu, and appears to be the parent
object of all other Jovian moons for which maps have been downloaded, as well
as for any such Saturnian moons.  The map of Io was correctly listed under Io,
but it is second on the list.  Above it is the map of Dione.

Expected Results:  
Io should be listed as "Io (moon)", and should not appear to be the parent
object of other Jovian moons or Saturnian moons.  The map of Dione should not
be listed under Io.  Only the map of Io should appear under Io.

The map of Dione is still correctly displayed on the list when Dione is
selected as the target celestial object.  Please note the spellings of Dione
and Io: the spelling of Io is completely contained within the spelling of
Dione, and I suspect this to be a contributing factor to the bug.

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