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sddm thumbnail with Kant

Thanks, but I would prefer a professional shot of a photo model (male or female
doesn't matter) or some image, which is not of a random living specific person
not related to the KDE project.

I made a version from a painting presumably depicting Kant (because you know,
Kant is kool):

I don't know if it's a problem, that it's only in the "Public domain" and not
CC/LGPL, but I think it's probably a fair bet, since the original painting has
lost its copyright and the image of the painting will be only part of a way
larger image of our login screen.

But if you have doubts, maybe you can find another historic painting under
CC/LGPL. As long as it's not a controversial historic person, looking like we
want to make a political statement, I would still strongly prefer it to a
random living person not related to modelling. Or if you find a professional
model shot under CC/LGPL, we can also use this.

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