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How can I reopen this?

Using a hint supplied by the application is clearly wrong, because application
developers can't be bothered to set window properties correctly. It's
especially weird that KWin developers insist on using obscure window hints
here, and at the same time they lament in their blog about applications
incorrectly setting their window type:

Some examples to illustrate the problem: Portal and GMod don't set set the
block compositor hint, but Scummvm does. It should be the opposite. ETQW
doesn't allow alt-tab, so I don't know if it disables the compositor (I guess
it doesn't). Moreover, when a game is running, but it's minimized, then it
doesn't draw anything, so it shouldn't affect the compositor, but as long as
that window exists, the compositor is turned off.

I don't understand why the good old "if fullscreen window: turn off compositor"
logic had to be replaced with this mess.

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