--- Comment #14 from Graham <> ---
While this bug only affects users who have setup activities, and therefore
newbies won't see it, it highlights the risk in using rolling distros. Much
like Microsoft has changed to an "All or nothing" patch update method, where
you cannot block individual KB numbers, if a problem occurs with an update such
as 5.8.1 you cannot pick and choose what to update.

This bug has been reported by users of Neon, Arch and Gentoo so far. Since Eike
cannot reproduce the bug, he cannot fix it.

Surely someone on the bug team can reproduce it. Asking users (such as myself)
to provide things like "backtrace" which means nothing to me, is doing things
backwards. It should be the experts, not the users, who find the solution.

Why does the Activity Bar widget work, but not the Activity Pager widget?
Surely that should provide some sort of hint as to where the problem lies?

Problems like this will discourage people from using rolling distros and they
will prefer LTS versions, which would be a real shame.

So please, come on guys, users have found a bug - the bug team should find the

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