--- Comment #9 from RJVB <> ---
So, changing the "assert's" else clause to

            const auto ptr =;
            qWarning() << Q_FUNC_INFO << "dynamic cast to ClangProblem failed
of" << ptr
                << "type" << typeid(*ptr).name();

I now see:

ClangFixits ClangProblem::allFixits() const dynamic cast to ClangProblem failed
of 0x7f953f2d1b98 type 12ClangProblem

which means that it's really the dynamic_cast that fails, not the input type
that is wrong.

It does seem that the dynamic_cast succeeds sometimes, but even then I see the
dynamic_cast error appear in the system.log. I'd forgotten that this message
doesn't appear when I use a newer libc++ than the one from OS X 10.9 ...

For now failure or success of the dynamic_cast seems to be random, or maybe
even determined when the code is built. I certainly hope there a proper fix for
that (and independent of libc++ version).

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