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>  Asking users (such as myself) to provide things like "backtrace" which means 
> nothing to me, is doing things backwards. It should be the experts, not the 
> users, who find the solution.

Providing a backtrace isn't finding a solution, it's providing information
about the problem. Note that we try to enable users to do this easily by
popping up a crash information dialog that shows the backtrace along with a bug
reporting wizard.

> So please, come on guys, users have found a bug - the bug team should find 
> the solution.

The picture in your head doesn't conform to reality, I'm afraid - there's no
"bug team", you're talking to a developer. Of course we don't like bugs and of
course we try to fix them, but to fix them we need to understand them, and to
understand them we need information, so ask questions back. That's just part of
the process, making and improving this software is a collaborative effort.

To get back to business: Deri's backtrace is better, but unfortunately still
lacks line numbers for For now I'm still in a holding
pattern waiting for more info - though I will probably grab Neon on Monday when
I'm back in the office (it IS a weekend, you now) and try to produce one

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