Bug ID: 370975
           Summary: device notifier pretends it cannot mount usb device
                    while actually mounting it
           Product: plasmashell
           Version: 5.7.5
          Platform: Fedora RPMs
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Device Notifier

I plug a USB key. Device notifier pops up, and I click "open in file manager"

Instead of dolphin appearing, I have an error box titled "Error KIO Client"
with the text
"malformed URL" and an "Ok" button. This error box seems to be from kde-open5
launched with a single argument which is an empty string, as in:  kde-open5 ''

Dolphin did not appear, but my usb key is now mounted: I can even see the bar
in the device notifier telling me how full it is.

If I click again on "Open in file Manager" in the device notifier, I no longer
have the "malformed url" error, but I have instead  two error messages:
1) one inside the device notifier popup: "You are not authorized to mount this
2) one in a new Plasma popup: "Devices notifications".  "Could not mount the
following device:...." 

I can click as many times as I want "Open in file manager", I have always the
same answer.

Again, the device is mounted from the first click in the device notifier. I can
launch dolphin manually and browse it with no difficulty. The device-notifier
knows it is mounted, because it displays the small bar. And I can unmount with
no difficulty the usb key from the device notifier itself by clicking the small
underlined triangle on the right. But device notifier makes an error instead of
running dolphin.

When this bug starts to happen it never disappears without a reboot.

After a fresh boot, the bug is sometimes there from the start, and sometimes it
is not: the device-notifier works perfectly! But at some point (I don't know
what causes the problem) the bug appears again.

I see this on two computers, with several different usb devices (keys and hard

Reproducible: Sometimes

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