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Sebastian: I'm not sure whether you're talking to Herb or myself (or both).  I
currently can't reproduce this issue at my end (on KScreen v5.8.1).

For the record, the "QT_PLUGIN_PATH" environment variable is not set here.  I
guess this means the KScreen backend is being found in the default location (so
no changes are necessary).

Nonetheless, remember that I was only seeing the "No KScreen backend found"
error message *half* the time.  I was definitely not fiddling around with
environment variables in-between attempts (e.g. just for kicks).  This leads me
to believe that the cause of the problem lay elsewhere.

One thing I will note now is that the settings are blank - i.e. the dialog
looks like that of the second screenshot (albeit minus the error message) -
whenever I launch KScreen via 'sudo' (or 'su') these days.  So, I will provide
the output you've requested in this (i.e. 'su') case.  Note that the
"QT_PLUGIN_PATH" environment variable is still not set.

xavion@Desktop /h/xavion> kscreen-doctor --info
  * KSCREEN_BACKEND           : [not set]
  * KSCREEN_LOGGING           : [not set]
Logging to                : /root/.local/share/kscreen/kscreen.log
Preferred KScreen backend :
Available KScreen backends:
  * /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/
  * /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/
  * /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/
  * /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/
  * /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/

xavion@Desktop /h/xavion> kscreen-doctor --outputs
(No output - it just hangs indefinitely and I have to hit "Ctrl+C" to quit each

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