--- Comment #9 from Hans-Peter Guggenbichler <> ---
I did this: 

rm -r ~/.local/share/akonadi
rm -r ~/.config/akonadi
rm -r ~/.kde/share/apps/nepomuk
rm -r ~/.kde/share/apps/akonadi_nepomuk_feeder

rm -r ~/.kde/share/config/nepomuk*
rm -r ~/.kde/share/config/akona*

I don't know, if this still is the correct way to do it, because I worked this
out a few months (years??) ago. But it did the job this time. If you want to be
shure to hit all the akonadi related stuff, just do a find in your home
directory for akonadi. 
Akonadi stores info about your emails, mainboxes, contacts, ... in its own
databases. By removing these databases you don't remove your emails, contacts,
... Thats why you emails disappeared in kmail. akonadi first had to crawl your
file system and search for all the information and build its database. Once
this jas finished, your emails reappeared in kmail.
When I wiped akonadi, I recognized, that some config got lost, unfortunately.
So I had to use akonadiconsole to restart the Birthday agent, the Local
Contacts agent. And I had to reconfig the pop3 account in kmail.  So you have
to have a close look at your system after removing the akonadi files. Until
now, I've lost no information afer removing akonadi, fingers crossed.

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