--- Comment #1 from Jan Grulich <> ---
This sounds like an issue between Qt and your hardware, I'm not able to
reproduce this and also nobody else seems to experience this as I read about
this problem for the first time. Was this working for you before? Let's say
with Plasma 5.6 or Plasma 5.5? Or is it happening in any other configuration,
e.g. when configuring a wireless connection and filling WEP/WPA password?

Also, thanks to you I noticed that after importing OpenVPN connection we set
that we should ask for the password everytime, instead of defaulting to storing
it into KWallet. I fixed this already and it should kinda workaround your
problem, because you don't have to switch from "Always ask" to "Store the
password for this user", but still would be nice to figure out what's going on.

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