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(In reply to Martin Gräßlin from comment #9)
> (In reply to Shawn from comment #8)
> > (In reply to Martin Gräßlin from comment #7)
> > > Which window is having focus when the game exits?
> > 
> > The steam overlay still has focus.  It is still fullscreen, too.  But the
> > panel is now visible on top.
> are you sure it's having focus. That would not be like how KWin handles
> fullscreen windows. An active fullscreen window is above the panel. Only
> non-active fullscreen windows are below panel.

Well, it certainly seems like it.  I tried it again with no other programs open
(other than system stuff of course).  The task manager has steam highlighted as
if it is selected.  When I click on steam in the task manager, it minimizes
steam.  This indicates to me that it did indeed have focus.  If I click on the
task manager again, steam unminimizes and is in proper full screen again.

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