--- Comment #4 from Edwin <> ---
(In reply to Martin Gräßlin from comment #3)
> > Active screen follows mouse: no
> Please try changing this option and check whether it works better for you.
> It's Systemsettings -> Window Behavior -> Window Actions and Behavior, all
> way down checkbox "active screen follows mouse".

Setting to 'Focus follows mouse' definitely made things better for every
application except GTK based. Not sure if it's KWin's issue or just GTK do not
follow rules. If latter then this bug report can be closed. Thank you.

BUT! There is 'Placement' option in 'Advanced' tab in 'Window Action and
Behavior' and I did set it to 'Under mouse' and I was sure this is what should
make windows appear on a screen I'm currently on. This is kinda confusing and
made me believe that regardless of this setting plasma is placing windows in
willy-nilly fashion. Some clarification in options would be great. Anyways -
thanks again.

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