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* In settings->Dependencies, "diff utility" is set to "/usr/bin/kdiff3",
* Recently I use KDiff3 from git KDE Framework branch, on Arch the package
kdiff3-kf5-git version 20160423_2b7e23a-1 (app version 1.7.0).
* It works with kompare.
* Open with "kdiff3 %U" works as expected.

After the tests above I tried to downgrade the kdiff3 tool and it works well
with latest stable version 0.9.98.

On other side when I run this in terminal:
    kdiff3 a.txt b.txt
it works with any version of kdiff3.

What works in stable version but does not work in KF5 git version is:
    kdiff3 file:///home/tom/a.txt file:///home/tom/b.txt

It seams it's KDiff3 issue. Thanks for your hints.

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