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I'm glad I found this page-- since unredirect disappeared I've been searching
for bug-free, tear-free and lag-free solution to a fullscreen game -on one of
my monitors.

Apparently setting tear prevention to "Never" and (manually editing the conf)
/turning MaxFPS up to 240 in KWin 5.8.1 -while leaving compositing on during
the game solves all three for me.
As a side bonus - Opera scrolling is also tear-free, same for videos..

Oddities I have noticed maybe someone can explain..?
- Fans stay off, powermizer (nvidia) stays on lowest, temperature and kwin cpu
usage is low/ change undetectable- even when moving windows about and scrolling
in Opera.. (Not in game)
- FPS "effect" says 100fps (and kwin consumes 20% cpu on a single core while
fps counter is running) - I guess it's just the highest it can measure.. For
when actually setting maxfps to 100 - massive tearing appear.
- Zero fps loss in game, in fact there was a slight performance GAIN in the
game!? I had expected to lose performance due to the massive blitting needed -
instead performance in game went up about 2-5%.. I tried turning compositor
on/off several times to recheck..

(Game engine is springrts and gpu is gtx970.)

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