--- Comment #27 from Guenther M. Erhard <> ---
Yes, the thumbnail after import from camera is now o.k. - regardless of the
option setting.
The problem starts when meta data is written to the raw, e.g. adding a tag or
correcting time.

I've done some tests: 
- change of time in dk53 with the batch tool on a virgin raw file (with
thumbnail o.k.)
- after change of time thumbnail get blurry
- change of time with exiftool on this file (exiftool -createdate+=00:00:01
- exiftool throws out a warning:
  "Invalid time string (2016:10:06T15:14:12) when shifting CreateDate -
  and rewrites the file with the new time 
- after that thumbnail is o.k. again
- doing the time change with exiftool on a virgin raw file gives no warning and
the thumbnail is still o.k.

Now I tried it with exiv2: exiv2 -v -Q d -a 01:01:00 ad FILENAME.ORF:
- changing time on a virgin raw file leaves the thumbnail o.k.
- changing time on the dk53 time modified file throws no warning and the
thumbnail is still blurry

So I guess you are right there is something with libexiv2 as exiftool works

My conclusions: 
- Exiv2 seems not so picky about errors in metadata and copies/writes them
again on file changes
- If the file metadata is correct exiv2 does not break the file structure when
- DK works correct when metadata structure is not broken
- Writing metadata with DK (using libexiv2 I assume) into orf raw breaks the

So I think there is either something wrong in DKs interface to libexiv2 or
libexiv2 works different to exiv2.


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