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Take the point about having a separation of the scheme editor, but the
fundamental problem is still the number of clicks now required.  Unless, of
course, the intention is to discourage users from changing individual colours
and instead concentrate on predefined schemes only, but that would be a
restriction of what was previously possible and there may well be adverse
feedback from users.

The current setup could be kept but the number of clicks still reduced by the
scheme editor dialoge knowing whether it is being called from System Settings
or standalone (by a command line option if necessary), and in the former case
having buttons "Upload", "OK" and "Cancel" instead of the current ones.  "OK"
would save back the settings to the current scheme (the one that was selected
in systemsettings when "Edit Scheme" was clicked) without any further
interaction needed.  When started standalone the editor would have the buttons
and operation as now.

Another click could be eliminated by the editor remembering the tab that was
last used and selecting the same one when started again (currently the
"Options" tab is always initially selected).

Also, the parent KCM could remember the selected scheme while the editor dialog
was open and not clear the list selection after it is closed.

If all of these were implemented then the sequence to change a single colour
would be reduced to:

1.  Assuming that the current colour scheme is selected in the list, click Edit
1½.  In the dialogue that appears, select the Colours tab if necessary - only
the first time
2.  Click the colour button for the item to change, the colour picker opens.
3.  Pick a colour by whatever means is wanted, then OK.
4.  Click OK to close the editor dialogue.
5.  Click Apply; the desktop colour scheme changes.

This reduces the number of clicks from ten down to five.

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