Bug ID: 371130
           Summary: unable to reassign standard shortcut for backspace to
                    "up" instead of "back"
           Product: frameworks-kconfig
           Version: 5.27.0
          Platform: Neon Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general

Under KDE4, I would always assign the backspace key to the "up" action, rather
than "back" as it is my preferred way of navigating in Dolphin. In Plasma
Desktop 5.8.1, however, attempting to reassign this key results in an
"Ambiguous shortcut detected" warning.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open System Settings -> Shortcuts -> Standard Shortcuts
2. Find the "Back" action (first entry), and disable the alternate shortcut
3. Find the "Up" action, and add the alternate shortcut for the backspace key
(will show as "Backspace").
4. Open Dolphin. Press backspace key twice.

Actual Results:  
First backspace press activates the "up" action, navigating to the parent
folder. Subsequent backspace presses will trigger the error, "The key sequence
'Backspace' is ambiguous. Use 'Configure Shortcuts' from the 'Settings' menu to
solve the ambiguity. No action will be triggered."

Expected Results:  
I should be able to reassign "backspace" to activate the "up" rather than the
"back" action.

The "back" shortcut is apparently never getting unassigned in step 2 above. The
reason the first keypress in step 4 above seems to work is because there is no
valid back action until the first folder navigation is made. Once there is a
valid target for "back", pressing the backspace key attempts to activate "back"
and "up" at the same time, resulting in the error.

My system: KDE Neon 5.8.1 64-bit (Plasma Desktop 5.8.1, KDE Frameworks 5.27.0,
Qt 5.7.0)

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