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Git commit 816721d60711b1754053e63e290dba0b205a02eb by Kevin Funk, on behalf of
René J.V. Bertin.
Committed on 18/10/2016 at 16:21.
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use a different tab bar widget for tabbed documents

This is a potential fix for an issue raised on BKO:

It's also the most complete/implementation:
- applies only when the Macintosh widget style is being used
- if so, creates a QStyle object for the Fusion widget style
- when successful, sets the `Sublime::ContainerTabBar` to use that style

This solves all issues stemming from Qt's use of a "native" widget that is
intended only for use in dialogs and not in tabbed document interfaces.

In my testing, the `ContainerTabBar` ctor is called only rarely, apparently
only when changing views (e.g. code -> patch review and back again, or code ->
debug). If that observation is correct, use of a global `qTabBarStyle` variable
is justified (but more elegant solutions might exist). This observation also
justifies (IMHO) the check for the active application style rather than using
an `#ifdef Q_OS_OSX` or even applying the fix across all platforms and
application styles. That is certainly a possibility that doesn't lead to any
shocking style mismatches in my eyes. It does cause some loss of compactness
when using my QtCurve settings, which is why I added the style check; a small
cost as a gesture to users of a highly configurable style.

There is still some weirdness behind the tabs which looks like a misaligned
well or frame. I'd love to get that right too.

REVIEW: 128880

M  +19   -0    sublime/container.cpp

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