Bug ID: 371131
           Summary: Multi monitor configuration not respected
           Product: KScreen
           Version: 5.8.0
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: common

Running Plasma 5.8.1 some of the multi monitor problems have been fixed but I
still have some.
In particular when I configure my hdmi monitor to be the only one active when
my laptop lid is closed, the configuration is lost as soon as I open the lid
and close it again.

Moreover the panel is still placed in a wrong position time to time and plasma
is not working on some screen. (probably these deserve to be bugs on their
own). See step below.

I've removed the content of .local/share/kscreen and

The content in the attached kscreen.log contains only the log of the steps
below (I've deleted it before starting the test).

I've performed the following steps:
Starting configuration: DP1-2 primary, active, panel on it; eDP1 active no
panels; HDMI1 active no panels
- Configure HDMI1 to be disabled
- Close the lid
- Open the lid
- Close the lid
- Open the lid
- Close the lid [Ok everything is maintained]
- Configure HDMI1 to be the only one active (wrong resolution) [No primary
- Set correct resolution [Cannot set it]
- Close display settings
- Open display settings
- Set correct resolution [Set correctly]
- Set HDMI1 as primary output
- Open the lid [Panel on eDP1 (wrong position), eDP1 with black desktop,
impossible to interact with plasma on it]
- Close the lid [HDMI1 not active, DP1-2 active with panel on it] [Only HDM1
should be active instead]

When the desktop is black plasma output "requesting unexisting screen 1"

Reproducible: Always

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