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(In reply to Sebastian Kügler from comment #8)
> Thanks! Could you also post the output of:
> * kscreen-console (should show the same mode info as xrandr -q, but does it
> really?)
> * and the remaining files in ~/.local/share/kscreen/
> Also, if you look "tail -f ~/.local/share/kscreen/", are there any new
> events in kscreen.log when you resize the window?

yes, there is a notify but not matching newly requested size
> If you kill kscreen_backend_launcher (it will be automatically restarted
> when needed), does kscreen-console show the information matching with xrandr
> -q?
yes, both provide the same info - the correct preferred size
> I've looked into the hotplug flag that was added in GNOME to make this case
> work, but this is not available through XCB (I couldn't find it), but should
> work automatically -- that is we do monitor the relevant events for the
> output, this is done in libkscreen/backends/xcblistener.cpp

mutter uses drmModeGetProperty to get info about "hotplug_mode_update" (it is
drm kms property - I googled for some info and found )

Also in mutter it is not about the value of the property, but about its
presence. This comment may be useful:

>     xcb_randr_select_input(c, m_window,
>     );

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