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Sorry I'm not sure I got you fully :/. Parser is not slow, only delay(s) make
it works slow :/. I understand that parser has to finish its work before I can
generate completion list or helper content. So how to decrease this delay? I
observe similar delays on i5 Sandy Bridge and i7 SkyLake (~3 sec.) and for sure
there is big difference in power between both CPUs, so why this delay is so
similar? I don't understand why processor speed can't help here. So what will
help? I don't type super fast. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Function
completer is due to helps me in completing code. Waiting on parser till it
finish its work discourages  of using completing or helper tool :-/.

For me parser is slow, because simple commenting makes I have to wait couple
seconds. Looking at I my example, what parser has to make analysis? This is
couple lines of function and loop with one line body :/. I'm not aware how this
parser works, but this is very uncomfortable during work on code :-(.

> The parser is slow because parsing C++ correctly is complicated.
Parser in KDevelop 4.7.x works much faster. For me it looks like some issue
related with clang. I suppose that in previous KDevelop parser didn't base on
clang. I don't know maybe its parsing wan't enough correctly :/.

Some times ago Milian made some optimizations in parser. I was hope that parser
thanks that will speed up, but this didn't happen :(.

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