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> Created attachment 170392 [details]
> This is the XMP file that is causing the core dump for me
This looks OK to me (downloaded into a just-updated Neon User)

    $ balooshow6 -x IMG_2666.MOV.xmp
    a50ad840cbb17 2215426839 676013 IMG_2666.MOV.xmp
            Mtime: 1718137229 2024-06-11T22:20:29
            Ctime: 1718171701 2024-06-12T07:55:01
            Cached properties:
                    Line Count: 25

    Internal Info
    File Name Terms: F2666 Fimg Fmov Fxmp  
    XAttr Terms:
    Plain Text Terms: 0 02 07 1.0 12 16 1999 2021 22 26t03 4.4.0 < = > about
adobe begin colorlabel com core createdate datecreated datetime
datetimeoriginal dateutc description digikam end exif exiv2 http id meta
metadatadate modificationdate modifydate ns org photoshop picklabel rdf syntax
tiff urgency video w w3 w5m0mpcehihzreszntczkc9d www x xap xmlns xmp xmpmeta
xmptk xpacket
    Property Terms: Mplain Mtext T5 T8 X20-25
    lineCount: 25

    $ baloosearch6 W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d

> Most of my baloo failed-to-index files are xmp files. 
> michael@trex:/tmp$ balooctl failed | wc -l
> 130
> michael@trex:/tmp$ balooctl failed | grep xmp | wc -l
> 124
Ooo. Strange.

I don't *think* XMP data should be troublesome...

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