Bug ID: 488410
           Summary: Conflicting options on Build Tools menu
    Classification: Applications
           Product: kile
           Version: 2.9.93
          Platform: Kubuntu
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: major
          Priority: NOR
         Component: user interface
  Target Milestone: ---


I am having several problems trying to define custom build tools. It's not
entirely clear when/how the different settings are being stored, sometimes
there aren't even any changes at all. 

In particular, I was trying to move all the temporary files derived from a
compilation into a subdirectory to avoid cluttering the root folder. This has
proven to be a complication with the BibTex tool, which I couldn't make it work
for this particular case. Here are some of the problems I have found.

* One of the bugs is that whenever a setting has been defined (e.g., those in
Advanced -> "Source extension", "Target extension", "Target file", "Relative
dir"), they cannot be emptied once again. If one erases the option, presses
"OK", and goes back to the Configuration menu, the pre-erasure settings appear
once again. This proves to be a problem when creating a configuration for an
already-existing tool: as the configuration is cloned from the currently active
one, some fields already have some pre-stored values and thus cannot be
* Adding a "Relative dir" does not work, kile still tries to search for the
.aux file in the root folder. I have to manually add the folder as an option to
the command. 
* When a "Source extension" is defined it overrides the other options. i.e., if
I try to set "aux" as the source, then the relative directory I added in the
previous step stops working.
* Changing a Tool's Configuration Advanced->Type (e.g., to execute from
Konsole, as I wanted to debug what wasn't working) didn't work neither when
modifying an existing configuration (or modifying one just created from an
existing tool, which copies the options from the currently active
* The tool is not added to the build menu until one access the "Menu" tab. I
understand if this is a choice, i.e., do not create the tool until the user
(inadvertently) requests for it, but then I don't understand why it wouldn't be
possible to remove the tool from the menu. Furthermore, changing the tool's
icon does not take effect until restarting the application.


In the end, the only way I could achieve my intended use was to create a new
duplicated tool of a "custom" class (so as to not grab any bibtex defaults),
making sure I did not accidently set any of the conflicting fields, i.e.,
immediately creating a configuration without "source extension", that opens in
Konsole, and has the relative dir set as an option of the tool. But this also
means that in order to have the full pipeline (i.e., compiling a main.tex, then
compiling the bibliography, recompiling the main.tex and then having the
preview of the PDF) working with an output dir, I would need to create
duplicated tools for each step (ViewPDF, e.g.: "relative dir" does not work, it
already has a "source extension", and there's no way to manually set a relative

I think the current functionality doesn't reflect what one would expect from
the current interface. I didn't notice if this happened with other tools (i.e.,
I didn't notice this problem happening with pdflatex because I used the
`-output-dir=folder` option for the command, so I didn't notice that "Relative
dir" wouldn't be actually working, and there was no "Source extension"
overriding the other options neither). 

I know this report is a bit all over the place and I am happy to provide any
additional details, but I am not sure how to debug this further, i.e. I wasn't
able to find any verbose mode nor logs for Kile, and I couldn't access the
documentation linked on the project's page
(, therefore being more
restricted on my description was difficult (i.e., I can only report "end-user"
stuff directly).

Linux/KDE Plasma: Kubuntu 23.10
(available in About System)
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.8
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.110.0
Qt Version: 5.15.10

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