Bug ID: 488411
           Summary: Format from copying coordinates is unhelpful
    Classification: Applications
           Product: digikam
           Version: 8.1.0
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Geolocation-Correlator
  Target Milestone: ---

When I copy coordinates using context menu in Geolocation editor, it has the
following format:


That is not very helpful:
1) The prefix geo: seems superfluous (only accepts it, JOSM and google
maps cannot find the coordinate when I paste it into a map)

2) I am not sure altitude (1569.684) is very useful, it confuses Google maps
and also JOSM

As a solution:
a) remove the geo: prefix,
b) do not include altitude
c) add action that only copies the coordinates without altitude (probably best
to remove the current action to "copy coordinates and altitude" - possibly
"copy altitude can be added though not sure if anybody would use that)

I. could this action have a (configurable) keyboard shortcut that could ideally
be accessible also from outside the Geolocation Editor? (though it is said taht
is not indended here: )

II. Is this bug still valid: ? I am
not sure if GPSSync is a thing still.

(PS: I am not on the latest Digikam but I doubt it has changed, if it has,
sorry for the noise)

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