--- Comment #5 from Vaclav Fiala <> ---
> Ideally one day we are going to get the "promised" Wayland clipboard
> security feature which prevents programs just reading the clipboard whenever
> they feel like, even if that's an optional setting for more secure
> environments. 
The clipboard situation might be actually a little bit worse on Wayland then on
X11. On X11 an application operating on sensitive data (like a password
manager), could insert the password directly by emulating keyboard events
instead. No such option on Wayland by design (there is ydotool which
circumvents this, but you probably lose a lot of other nice security properties
when you install it). Then again, on X11 pretty much any app could read all the
keyboard events so not really a downgrade either.
I have a few ideas about the optimal mode of operation of some future clipboard
solution (and management of window focus is definitely a part of it), but
probably better not to hijack this thread.

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