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> Baloo has a set of filename exclusions, files it does not index. That
> appears in the ~/.config/baloofilerc file as an "exclude filters" line. I've
> checked a couple of systems and they have ".obj" in the exclusions, but not
> "*.obj".
> Maybe that's a bug or at least strange.

Hm has this whole rabbit hole been caused by a singe typo?

> However Baloo can also exclude mime types, see
> Edit your
> ~/.config/baloofilerc and add a line under [General]:
>    exclude mimetypes=model/obj

Thanks for the advice. I may fix the configuration for my setup.

But what is really important to me is making sure no other users than me have
to realise their baloo has been generating bloated indexes.

> If you want to parse the files, that's a bigger job, a dedicated 
> KFileMetadata extractor...

I mostly want it not to duplicate the numerical value of every data point in an
obj, as I suspect this has been one of the factors contributing to the weirdly
huge indexes in #488446.

Object names was just a thing I could imagine being useful to include in an
index of .obj files to be useful for human search. I do not have strong
feelings on this and would consider it a low priority enhancement.

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