--- Comment #4 from Noah Davis <> ---
(In reply to Yannis from comment #3)
> As an interested party, could I ask that this is kept open please?
> I agree with the reporter that having an Edit button after taking a
> screenshot is a great advancement.
> However, the other use case of loading arbitrary images from storage to
> edit, has not been fully met (as of Spectacle 24.05 on my distribution). I
> was not aware of the command line switch so glad to hear it is possible. I
> think that to close the request, you would need to implement graphical
> interface for this too.
> It could perhaps have a different desktop file, or allow for multiple
> windows in order to use an editor separately. Either way, it would need some
> consideration as to how the user interface will be presented.
> Thanks for your consideration.

I'm not quite sure what we should do. On one hand, adding some kind of way to
open an existing image in the GUI would technically be very easy. On the other,
it would take up space in the UI that could be used for a more useful control

The annotation editor is for quickly annotating screenshots without having to
save first. The --edit-existing CLI option mainly exists so that you can click
an "Annotate" button in system notifications for screenshots when using global
shortcuts or the --background CLI option. We don't necessarily need a CLI for
that, but having the CLI makes testing much easier.

There are dedicated image editors with more functionality and more editing
focused user interfaces than Spectacle will ever have, so I think it could be
fair to tell people to use them instead. However, maybe you want this because
Spectacle's annotation UI is more desirable in certain ways than the image
editors you know? Perhaps if we add a hamburger button (main menu button), we
could move some of the existing less commonly used controls there and then we'd
have room to add a GUI option to open an image file.

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