Bug ID: 488563
           Summary: Two icons for "back" instead of one in "Settings" and
                    going back doesn't focus "Episodes"
    Classification: Applications
           Product: kasts
           Version: 24.05.1
          Platform: Flatpak
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
  Target Milestone: ---

Created attachment 170542
showing two back icons

In the top bar of the Settings tab on linux mobile, two back buttons are shown
on top of each other instead of one. Clicking on that button doesn't change the
focus in the bottom drawer from "Settings" to "Episodes"

1.  Click on "Settings"
2. Click on the back button

- Two overlapping left pointing arrows are visible 
- Clicking on back button doesn't focus "episodes", still focuses "settings"

- There should be not more than one back button in the top bar of "Settings"
- Clicking on "back" in Settings should focus the "Episodes" tab, not focus
"Settings" tab anymore

postmarketOS v23.12, Phosh 0.33.0

I'm using Kasts on a Linux mobile phone (postmarketOS v23.12 with Phosh 0.33.0)
installed from Flatpak. If you click the forth tab "Settings", you can see in
the top bar two symbols for back rendered on top of each other (the left
pointing arrow before the "Search…" field). One back button is there in the
beginning on opening the tab, and another one comes sliding in afterwards. The
second is slightly smaller than the first.

There's also another thing that may be related to this. If you click on that
back button in the settings tab, you can see the ui change to show the content
for episodes. But in the bottom drawer, you can see that the tab for "Settings"
is still selected instead of "Episodes".

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