--- Comment #2 from Bollebib <> ---
(In reply to Boudewijn Rempt from comment #1)
> To what format are you rendering? Anything but gif, and you should be able
> to add a custom ffmpeg commandline option in the settings dialog that scales
> the output.

I see, does that get saved in the file ,though? I will need to test this first.
if it works the urgency will be less high.

 But having a graphical input box would be preferable to some code in a narrow
text field where you need to be very careful not to delete a single character
by mistake. And you only realise that mistake after a lengthy export process. 

Since you cant point to existing pngs to encode(another wish i have),messing
with the code can result in lots of trial and error. I have already done so. 

I have also already encoded . manually,it works. Ut really takes you out of
krita which is time waste when you're painting. Few normal users are technical
enough to manage it

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