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> Or the code should in that case select a burning tool that can do that. 
> (cdrecord? wodim? cdrdao?

That's well an option with cdrecord or wodim.

cdrdao is not as good a candidate because it does not understand the same 
options as the others. I assume it gets its sector formats by the TOC or CUE
file which controls its actions, not by a global K3B write mode.

cdrskin has an option
which delegates the burn job to the given program path (e.g. /usr/bin/wodim)
if it detects options which it does not support, and if there are no
options which only cdrskin supports (e.g. drive_scsi_dev_family=).

I have to admit that i did not test this since years.

Are there K3B use cases known which would need -raw* writing ?

Have a nice day :)

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