I have a weird crash in ark if I enable the target generation in the bin subfolder [1]. The problem is that QCoreApplication::libraryPaths() returns the following list:

ark.kerfuffle: ("/usr/lib/qt/plugins", "/home/elvis/dev/kde/ark/build/bin")

which means that ark loads first its system-wide plugins, while it should load first the plugins form its build dir.

ECM has code that fixes this problem for test targets [2]. I tried to do the same to all the ark targets (main executable, kerfuffle library, plugins), but it doesn't work. Commit message in [2] by David says:

"This of course requires running the unittests via ctest rather than launching the executable directly."

Does that mean that ctest has some magic that adjusts the library paths?
Is it possible to do the same with normal executables?


[1]: https://community.kde.org/Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Making_apps_run_uninstalled [2]: https://cgit.kde.org/extra-cmake-modules.git/commit/?id=f7707bb546bc2a115b821dd7bcaa1e234e70acbc

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