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> Hey folks :)
> Today is KDE's 20th birthday. I'm proud of all the things we've
> achieved since Matthias sent his announcement email 20 years ago
> today. I've written a short text for the dot here:
> https://dot.kde.org/2016/10/14/happy-20th-birthday-kde I'd love to see
> many personal reflections from all of you on PlanetKDE.

Happy birthday, and Mazal Tov!

> I want to take the time to ask us all 2 questions: What are you most
> proud of in KDE? What are you most excited about in KDE right now?

Unfortunately, I think my contributions to KDE were too sporadic to answer
these questions. But I found using the Plasma desktop enjoyable when it was
working properly (when it didn't, I sometimes used other desktops or WMs
instead), and I found some KDE apps to be useful for my daily use. One thing I
like about the KDE project is that people usually eventually tend to the bug
reports on bugs.kde.org instead of letting them fester for many years


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