On martedì 8 agosto 2017 18:16:17 CEST, Luigi Toscano wrote:
On Tuesday, 8 August 2017 17:52:00 CEST Jonathan Riddell wrote:
Like all sensible open source communities we use IRC lots for real
time communication essential to making low bandwidth decisions in a
reasonable timeframe as well as socialising.

20 years ago IRC was cool but these days real-time communication in
the non-geek world long since moved other places such as WhatsApp, ...

We have an alternative already working, which bridges IRC (freenode.net and OFTC): matrix.org. I don't know how many times I should repeat this, but many people are already using successfully (I monitor few channels, for example).

So -1 for moving to Rocket.Chat.

I also want to stress that using matrix.org requires literally zero changes to the current infrastructure (unlike the other chat apps).

Anyone can switch now: https://community.kde.org/Matrix

Riot.im works very well from smartphones. It should be mentioned that native desktop clients are still not 100% ready (Riot.im is the only one with proper end-to-end encryption), but for KDE-related public chats they are good enough (I use Quaternion).


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