Am Dienstag, 8. August 2017, 22:44:40 CEST schrieb Jonathan Riddell:
> On 8 August 2017 at 21:46, Elvis Angelaccio <> 
> > I'm not sure I get this argument. Do we have evidence that new
> > contributors
> > are scared by IRC? How is signin up on RocketChat/Telegram/whatever easier
> > than using ?
> Teams including VDG, Promo and Sysadmins chose not to use IRC.  I show
> IRC to my friends and they recoil in horror and ask what that nerdy
> stuff is.

Bet on that they say the very same if you show them a phabricator code diff 
view. Whilst KDE has non-techy people (oddly enough quite a bunch of them 
manage to be on IRC, mind) we mostly do code, and code, by definition, _is_ 
techie or, to use a more derogatory term, nerdy. 

> > Again, do we have evidence that Rocket chat is more used than IRC or other
> > protocols? I'd be very surprised if that's the case.
> It's not. The proposal is to change that by scrapping IRC amongst KDE.
> Do we expect people to use Mutt for e-mail? Some of us still love it
> and it has simplicity and low memory use on its side, but times change
> and people prefer nicer experiences now.

This comparison is, sorry for being direct, bullshit. 
Mutt is an E-Mail client, using E-Mail protocols. There are more user friendly 
E-Mail clients using the same protocol. So a fair comparision would be to say 
that some power users like weechat or irssi whilst less "nerdy" people might 
prefer polari, Hexchat or colloquy. 

The problem with some of the proposed protocols: they do have exactly one, 
maybe in the future two, clients. So you don't have that choice and force 
everybody to use the same thing, regardless of preferences, regardless of 
available hardware (IRC runs on a text only raspberry), regardless of 
possibilities (I'd love to see how these go with people with disabilities. 
Note that we have a blind member of staff, thus I'd like to say that IRC 

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