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> On Dienstag, 8. August 2017 23:52:40 CEST Christian Loosli wrote:
> > > Looking at #kde-devel just now it says:
> > > <-- swati_27 (uid130066@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-abaollxcgicrxgwg)
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> > > <-- nowrep (~david@kde/developer/drosca) has quit (Quit: Konversation
> > > terminated!)
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> > > Show that to most people and they'll just not want to know what it means
> > 
> > Good thing every single client coming to mind has a feature to hide these,
> > including the official KDE client Konversation.
> > 
> > http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/hide_join_part_messages
> > 
> > I'm rather sure that most other protocols, at least Telegram most
> > certainly
> > does, do also show when someone joined or parted a group, mind.
> > The part they might hide is the  nick!ident@host part. This is client
> > dependent, some do and quite a lot of them can hide it. So I wouldn't
> > really recommend switching to a completely different protocol due to
> > "shows additional info when someone joins or leaves the group".
> The bigger issue seen in what Jonathan pasted isn't that IRC clients show
> when people join or leave a group. The issue is that it shows when people
> close their IRC client. And the problem is not that it shows them, but that
> this is _relevant_ because it means they can't follow the conversation
> anymore.

This is a feature and not a bug.

Instant messanging is for instant communication, if i'm not there i don't care 
what happened, important things should be sent by email or other actually 
archiveable format.

You can't expect me to read a 200 messages backlog in 20 channels just in case 
something important was said while i was away. 

Also one of the reasons of why i hate to use Telegram for anything that 
"actually matters" is this "always on" feature.

Telegram messages end up in my phone, and show a notification, so i have to 
read it because my mind wants my task bar without notifications, but once read 
the "you have to read this" is gone, so if it's something important i need to 
do later i will forget and won't get done.

And to top that off there's no way to "log off from channels" like on IRC 
(where i am on some channels during work day and some others on non work day),  
so it creates the false impression that i'm "always avaiable" when i'm not and 
that together with the "no way to mark messages as unread if they are 
important" makes it really bad for serious use.


> That's not the case for modern protocols where people only stop seeing the
> conversation if they actively leave the group (which is whey they do show
> that, but it happens far less often than people quitting their IRC client).
> And see my requirements email for my reply to "But we have a ZNC instance".

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