On Thursday 10 August 2017 10:45:14 Harald Sitter wrote:
> Seems to me y'all aren't appreciating that I am telling you my point
> of view. I have created some 20 repos on github last year and 0
> scratch repos on our infrastructure. I thought you might want to know
> why. Feel free to find my reasons silly, that doesn't change them
> though.

So, since this is the thread for requirements-collecting on github, 
phabricator, KDE git infrastructure, we have some data points:

 - KDE scratch repo's are not widely known within the KDE community.
 - KDE scratch repo's take more effort to create, and for scratchj / throwaway 
repo's, every bit of extra effort is one.

I suppose if I had a browser window open, and logged in to KDE phab and github 
at the same time, and the one tab gives me instant gratification (and a scratch 
repo) while the other gives me gratification four clicks and a few minutes 
away, then the one it is.

Buut .. that presupposes that people create scratch repo's wherever is 
convenient, not wherever they make sense. So the initial question that kicked 
off this thread, (I can't spot who asked it though)

>>> >> should also think about. Why many KDE developers choose github instead
>>> >> of scratch KDE repositories to start new software, where it could
>>> >> happily be hosted within KDE infrastructure?

presupposes that those scratch repo's could be created and hosted within KDE 
infrastructure (I personally would only create scratch repo's on KDE 
infrastructure for things that have something to do with KDE and can fall 
within the KDE manifesto).

Perhaps we should ask sitter what kinds of scratch repo's those were, and 
whether he would have created them on KDE infra, if there was a similarly 
simple one-click way to create scratch repo's.


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