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> Dear KDE Community,
> As some of you may know, tomorrow is "I <3 Free Software Day" - a campaign
> ran by FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) every year on Valentine's Day.
> https://fsfe.org/campaigns/ilovefs/
> The point of this campaign is to show appreciation and gratitude to our
> favorite contributors, highlight what we love about our favorite Free
> Software, and generally spread positive vibes in our FOSS communities.
> To celebrate "I <3 Free Software Day 2018" as a community, we invite you
> all to share your stories and images reflecting everything you love about
> KDE!
> For example, you could write about your most-loved KDE software and why you
> adore it so much, or pen a personalized "thank you" note to KDE
> contributors you admire, or explain how, when, and why the love story
> between you and the KDE Community started.
> Don't worry - those stories don't have to be "perfect". Just write them in
> your own words, and we'll take care of cleaning them up later. ;)
> If you're not a fan of writing, you can send us photos of your pets wearing
> KDE-themed costumes :), a desktop wallpaper that shows how much you love
> KDE, or a Valentine's Day-themed artwork of Konqi and Katie.
> Of course, if you have more ideas for messages or artwork you could create,
> go ahead and share them!
> Send your submissions to this mailing list, and make sure to note if you
> don't want us to use your real name when crediting you for the submission.
> We'll use your submissions to create stories for social media and the Dot,
> so you will directly contribute to spreading KDE love.
> Big thanks to all those who join us in this campaign!
> With love <3,
> Your devoted KDE Promo Team

I love KDE community (from the newbie contributor to seasoned).
KDE: freedom in a easy way!!

showing my love!

Happy hacking!

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