Hi KDE'ers!

I sent a similar message to the Community Working Group a few days ago, but
I think that might have been a little too high-level.

Anyway, I'm a newcomer to the KDE community, but I'm a believer. Having
chatted on IRC about plasmoid programming issues with the actual Plasma
maintainers is "community" like I haven't seen before.

I'm probably too old to contribute new C++ code to any of the major
projects, so I thought I'd volunteer to do something I know I can do:
create and update a Cafe Press store. I've done several, for groups of
people taking a cruise together, for my own meager design work, etc. I'm
pretty familiar with how the site works.

As it stands now, the KDE store is a little sparse. We need to have the
blue K-Gear and Plasma icon available on everything from mousepads to
t-shirts to stickers for our laptops. I'm willing to put in the time to get
those products set up on Cafe Press. Plus, whatever markup is charged can
go back to the KDE mothership as a simple form of fundraising.

What do you think? Is this a worthwhile goal? I don't work, so I've got the
time. Heck, I'd probably buy a coffee mug for myself.

-Scott Harvey

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