> Yes, maybe. If we have relevant issues to share this will be a good
> conference for it. It is about governance and compliance, I am sure we have
> something to present. How about talking about the manifesto and our code of
> conduct, community principles. Any takers?

Thanks Mirko. 

To list all the preferred topics:

* open source project leadership best practices
* community management
* open source project metrics
* open source strategy for the enterprise
* adopting open source collaboration in corporations
* legal matters when dealing with open source
* vendor neutrality
* leading projects without discretionary power

By the way, I am not saying we must go to this event in particular. I am just 
saying we should not discard an event offhand just because it is not technical 
any more. Fortunately (I would say), KDE is not only comprised of developers. 
At some point we may even have more end-users than developers.

Imagine that!*


* No flames, please. I'm kidding.
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